KWB Corporate Cleaning has provided office cleaning services to the serviced office operator UBC since being awarded the contract May 2013. Since then we have delivered daily office and common areas cleaning to all sites, across the country.

The contract covers the main reception areas within each building, common areas and each individual office for the companies who reside within the sites.

One of the company’s main objectives for this office cleaning contract was to reduce costs without sacrificing quality of service. This was achieved by adjusting staffing numbers and introducing a set operating system for the remaining cleaning operatives.

The 30 incumbent staff were transferred to our payroll, in accordance with our action plan and was agreed with the sites prior to contract commencement. This action plan laid out timescales and detailed the process KWB Corporate Cleaning would use to meet all sites budgetary requirements without a reduction in the standard of cleaning.

Our operating systems included defining duties for cleaning operatives, providing set structures and routines for staff. This proved to be a great benefit to our staff; particularly as operatives had previously been working without the benefit of such a plan.

Within three months we met our staffing plan and with staff leaving, we reduced the headcount by 5, improved the overall service for the client and had a controlled weekly plan. This has been a successful contract for both parties at a significantly reduced price. We also took over the control of ordering and monitoring the daily use of consumables.

KWB Corporate Cleaning’s ability to provide consistent service at reduced cost resulted in the contract being increased with additional services. KWB Corporate Cleaning now provides a carpet and window cleaning service, as well as the supply of washroom and hygiene consumables to ensure responsibilities are fulfilled.