Ian Bailey, Infrastructure Manager, Coppice Primary School Langley School

We were very impressed with Dyan Rhodes. She took her time to get to grips with what we wanted.
Since KWB Corporate Cleaning took over the contract, the levels of cleanliness in the school have noticeably improved. The cleaning staff are now settled and much happier. There is much less sick leave and almost no absenteeism which was a major issue beforehand.
Nothing is too much trouble. KWB Corporate Cleaning are flexible and adaptable. If there is an issue I’ll email James (the contract manager) and he will respond within two hours and if I need to see him, he’ll drop everything for a meeting. KWB is the third cleaning company we have worked with within the past four years. They are much better than our previous contractors.

Fiona Hall, School Business Manager, Forestdale Primary School, Birmingham

KWB Corporate Cleaning understand our ethos. They are respectful and pleasant to everyone in the school, not just to the management team.
KWB Corporate Cleaning care about our cleaners who were very worried about the transfer from Birmingham City Council. They took the time to talk with them, explain what would happen and understood their concerns. A few tiny things they did for the cleaners made a big difference and we have happy cleaners.
KWB Corporate Cleaning have been understanding and supportive of our complex contract transfer process. They have been patient and communicative throughout the tender process, but not hassling me for a decision every day.
We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with KWB Corporate Cleaning.

Richard Johnson, Operations Director, United Business Centres

Since taking on the UBC contract, KWB Corporate Cleaning Ltd has worked hard to ensure that the highest standards of commercial cleaning are consistently achieved. UBC noticed an immediate improvement in service and I am confident they will continue to achieve high standards, through their own internal performance monitoring and audit process. KWB Corporate Cleaning Ltd has subsequently been awarded all UBC sites under national contract due to their reliability and professionalism.

Carl Glasgow, Executive Head Teacher, The Federation of Boldmere Schools

KWB Corporate Cleaning has a really good understanding of schools’ diminishing budgets and how to meet their cleaning needs in this situation.
We appointed KWB Corporate Cleaning because of the quality of their tendering process and their ability to save money compared with our previous contractor.
The contract runs really smoothly and takes up hardly any of my time. When I do make a request it is acted on immediately.

The TUPE transfer process was very smooth, as was the recruitment of new cleaners when we needed them.

KWB Corporate Cleaning are committed to achieving high standards of cleaning. When a cleaner was suddenly unavailable for work, the manager rolled up his sleeves and put in a shift to ensure the job was done.

Jane Moore, Birmingham Mind

We have been delighted with the overall cleaning service KWB Corporate Cleaning have provided. All employees of KWB Corporate Cleaning Limited are very polite, friendly and nothing is too much trouble for them. They ensure that the highest standards of cleaning are constantly achieved and ensure that performance is regularly monitored.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional, efficient and friendly cleaning service.

Michal Pastornicky, Site Manager, Elms Farm Primary School

When we had to change our cleaning company KWB was the best choice. They provide a brilliant service and are a real improvement over our previous contractor. They make my job on site much easier. Communication with them is very good. If I need something they respond quickly by email or phone, and the contract manager is on site as soon as possible.